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Solar Panel installation is an incredibly energy efficient way to heat water for your home. Leaving behind no carbon footprint, your home will benefit significantly from this renewable source that is ideal for being supplying hot water for your shower, bath or swimming pool. This is why Boiler Replacement Plumber offer the most efficient and professional solar panel installation in Ilford.

What is Solar Energy?

Simply put, solar energy is the energy provided by the sun. This energy is in the form of solar radiation, which makes the production of solar electricity possible.

Electricity can be produced directly from photovoltaic (PV) cells. These cells are made from materials which exhibit the “photovoltaic effect” i.e. when sunshine hits the PV cell, the photons of light excite the electrons in the cell and cause them to flow, generating electricity.

Benefits of Solar Panels / Solar Panels

So what are the benefits of having solar panels installed throughout your household?

  • Provides hot water throughout the year
  • Solar energy is not only sustainable, it is renewable
  • The creation of solar energy requires little maintenance – low maintenance cost
  • Solar panels are a silent producer of energy
  • Lowers your heating bills
  • Cut your carbon footprint – Solar electricity power plants produce zero emissions

Local Solar Panel Installers Ilford

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

The water is heated by panels that are fitted your roof, which are called collectors that use energy absorbed from the sun to heat water that is stored in your cylinder. A small pump will also be installed to help circulate the water around your property in places where it is needed the most. During winter months where the panels do not receive as much sunlight, your boiler, heat pump or immersion heater will be used to sustain the temperature set by the cylinder’s thermostat.

Solar Panel installation Ilford

Domestic Solar Panel Installation

Here at Boiler Replacement Plumber we will discuss through your requirements and get an understanding what you intend to use the heated water on. With a variety of solar systems that can be installed for your property, we will help you to decide on what the offers the best return on your investment and is suited to your property’s size.